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300 Click for offerPart of me wonders if, a year from now, Amazon won't just get rid of the Echo altogether and essentially replace it with a lower-priced Echo Plus as the midrange Alexa speaker of choice. The outcome was a rebuke to parish leaders, and illustrated just how strongly many residents wanted to separate themselves from Baton Rouge, the state capital, which is governed jointly with the parish.

Certain medications or irregularities in your heart rate may warrant a visit to your doc. For example, many people on beta blockers (to lower blood pressure) are asked by their doctor to monitor and log heart rate. Keeping tabs on your heart rate can be helpful for your doctor when determining dosage or other treatment. The Energy Department also recommends only doing full loads, and using dryer balls to help separate your clothes.


TYPE ::MOUNTAIN BIKEMs. Nolan lamented that while America trains its military officers to obey the Constitution and to disobey orders they know to be illegal, there is no comparable training to help civilian leaders navigate the difficult terrain where “morality, strategic imperatives and self-interest” bump up against one another. The government mandates that pork in the reserves be swapped out three times a year, which means no piece of meat is supposed to stay for more than four months.

BRAND ::SPORTS SCOTTYPruitt's proposal to revoke California's right to set its own targets has come under fire from the public as well as members of the Senate, in particular, Sen. Tom Carper, D-Delaware, who, according to the Los Angeles Times, acquired a copy of the proposal and sent a reprimand to Pruitt. Christopher Mele contributed reporting.

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We can also reflect on whether we are trying to prevent or undo emotional pain instead of helping our children develop the capacity to endure and learn from difficult feelings. Psychologists have long recognized that distress often promotes maturation. We grow from feeling the sting of a mistake. And weathering setbacks, often with support from the people who love us, helps us learn to take disappointment in stride. To the winner goes a rare piece of prime internet real estate, but the man behind the sale isn’t eager to let it go.

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The EEOC declined to comment, saying it can't provide information on its investigations until it files a lawsuit, which is typically a last resort. The Wall Street Journal first reported this news. The start-up raised .5 million, much of it from friends and family, but struggled in recent years to line up more substantial, institutional investment. A large crowdfunding campaign was planned for April, Mr. Cooley said, but the site ran out of money in February.

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Here is a sampling of such legacies from recent weeks. Running a marathon abroad is a built-in way to experience a place with a group of like-minded people. On a running trip to Mongolia, Peg and I slept in yurts for a week, acclimatizing for a mountain run. With no Wi-Fi or contact with the outside world, the 65 runners bonded with conversations, card games and group dinners, a reminder of how rewarding human interaction is in a tech-free world.

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I don’t think about the kidney often. I sometimes think of the recipient. I feel immense gratitude toward this person whose need made it possible for me to fulfill my desire to be of use. In this sense we are partners, the recipient and me. LONDON — In July, the opera director Peter Sellars gave a stark speech about climate change to open the Salzburg Festival in Austria, one of classical music’s most glittering events.

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