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300 Click for offerAnd yet, whether through coincidence or the rock’s ancient powers, the moment the suseok enters the Kims’ lives, their luck changes. Ki-woo arrives at the home of the Park family, a Modernist palace set in the upper-class Seongbuk-dong neighborhood situated high above the rest of the city. Going by the name Kevin, he shows the sweet and gullible Mrs. Park a doctored diploma, which she dismisses — personal recommendations matter more than paperwork. Her other child is a difficult and artistic little boy, and Ki-woo slyly suggests that Mrs. Park hire an art tutor he knows, Jessica, who is in fact his sister, Ki-jung. Soon, through a series of subtle deceptions and maneuvers, the Kims infiltrate every part of the Park household’s staff: Their father, Ki-taek, takes over as chauffeur after the Kims lead the Parks to believe that their previous driver is a sexual deviant; their mother replaces the housekeeper, Moon-gwang, after the Kims convince the Parks (falsely, of course) that Moon-gwang has tuberculosis. For weekly email updates on residential real estate news, sign up here. Follow us on Twitter: @nytrealestate.

“Abstract Climates” is ostensibly about the particular coastal landscape that helped to nudge Frankenthaler into her mature style, and in places it’s quite specific. The imposing 1969 painting “Blessing of the Fleet,” for instance, pays homage to a local seafaring ritual with festive red and green, the colors of the Portuguese flag. But overall, it presents Provincetown as more of a psychic space, one of negotiation and self-discovery, with new family responsibilities but not too much structure — a “desired void,” as Frankenthaler wrote in a 1962 letter to Hartigan. “I hope to reach out from within and grow rather than give up and stop.” Pre-distribution is less costly than redistribution because it mostly entails regulatory reforms rather than big spending items, like free college or job guarantees. So it would not provoke many Americans’ deep-seated mistrust of big government as much as calls for redistribution would.


TYPE ::MOUNTAIN BIKEThe second son of Queen Elizabeth II said in a statement that his ties to Jeffrey Epstein had become a “major disruption” to the royal family’s charitable work. It was unclear whether the change was a temporary or permanent shift in his role. Responding to critics: Mr. Trump said in an early morning tweet that Mr. Schultz did not have the “guts” to run, a taunt that Mr. Schultz called “childish.” Michael Bloomberg, another possible presidential contender, condemned independent bids.

BRAND ::SPORTS SCOTTYPorsche's website lets you pick from four different projects for your donation. The biodiversity option will pay to help protect forests and wildlife in Zimbabwe. The solar option helps bolster the growing solar movement in Latin America. Choosing the water option will contribute to improving air and water quality in Central Vietnam, while the final option puts the money toward protecting an old-growth spruce forest on Afognak Island in Alaska. The programs are managed by South Pole, a Swiss company that specializes in carbon-offset programs. And yet, two years later, it was easy to sense him pining for not just the political action but also the particular political action of Trump’s Washington. “No one would enjoy the fight with Trump like Harry Reid would,” said Senator Claire McCaskill, the Missouri Democrat who lost her re-election race in November. The president “is an inherently weak man,” she said. “Harry would smell the weakness and say, ‘Damn the consequences.’ ”

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The Echo Plus will set you back 0, and preorders begin today. You can also bundle the Sub with two second-generation Echo Plus speakers for 0 or two second-generation Echo speakers for 0. The Echo Sub is set to ship Oct. 11. Because of an editing error, an article on Wednesday about an early step taken by Germany’s domestic intelligence agency toward surveilling a far-right party misidentified the position from which Hans-Georg Maassen was removed. He was the head of Germany’s domestic intelligence agency, not interior minister.

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Separately on Wednesday, police in nearby Mountain View, California, said Aghdam's father had contacted them to explain that she made a series of videos about veganism for her channel on YouTube and "that the company had recently done something to her videos that had caused her to become upset," according to a press statement. Google, YouTube's parent company, is based in Mountain View.  Mr. Jones has been working with constituents to help them find services, and he has been an active presence on television and on the Senate floor pushing for a resolution. He has pushed to meet with Mr. Trump, saying the White House should come and brief members of Congress beyond just the party leadership.

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Indeed, the arena was ready to move, responding with special enthusiasm to dance crazes that originated locally (“Swag Surfin,” “Crank That (Soulja Boy),” “Laffy Taffy”) and regional references. “If you went to Freaknik make some noise,” said Big Tigger, the night’s occasional M.C., at one point, referring to the storied black college spring break gathering. “If your mama went to Freaknik make some noise,” he added to much louder cheers, revealing the plethora of what he called “’90s babies” in the audience. 10. Finally, Aztec legend meets science.

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Take your pick. The trip went off without a hitch, and a few hours after landing here in Melbourne, Chisholm was in Collins’s player box at Rod Laver Arena, transmitting positive vibes down to the court during Collins’s 2-6, 7-5, 6-1 win over Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova.

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