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300 Click for offerCES 2019 schedule: It's six days of jam-packed events. Here's what to expect. Later will come the apps that -- once you've granted permission and possibly paid them for the services they offer -- will tap into your Solid pod data. Berners-Lee envisions apps that span many people's pods.

[Read Roberta Smith’s guide to surviving this week’s fairs.] Winter is here at the iconic Fountains of @Bellagio. The dragons have staked their claim #ForTheThrone⁠ ⁠ until 4.13.19. #GameofThrones⁠ ⁠ premieres 4.14.19 on @HBOhttps://t.co/GiE23mwPls


TYPE ::MOUNTAIN BIKEThe Lao women had won again. Southwest was one of the airlines impacted by Monday's delays.

BRAND ::SPORTS SCOTTYAccording to Samsung, the update adds age-based demographic averages to compare against in sleep tracking and high heart rate alerts, plus a more streamlined workout app and an outdoor swimming mode. In the Mavericks division, Jean Grey easily defeated Jessica Jones. And Domino's luck finally ran out, as she was defeated by the Asgardian warrior Valkyrie.

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1991: In re Guardianship of Sharon Kowalski – Minnesota Court of Appeals "We are testing ways to improve the messaging experience for people within the Facebook app," the spokeswoman said. "Messenger remains a feature-rich, stand-alone messaging app with over a billion people using it monthly to connect with the people and businesses they care about most." 

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Mr. Zelensky’s first question, Mr. Taylor said, was about the security aid. The senators responded, Mr. Taylor said, that Mr. Zelensky “should not jeopardize bipartisan support by getting drawn into U.S. domestic politics.” Now it's opening up to TV makers, as well.

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“The times are changing,” said Will Pacio, a co-founder of Pared. “Businesses need to evolve with the culture of the work force.” An operator in the other chair is controlling an iRobot Packbot, used in war zones and by first responders to clear explosive devices and detect biological, chemical and radioactive threats.

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A second section of the directive, Article 11, says search engines and news aggregators will be charged to display snippets of news they're linking to (known as a link tax). That will be another source of frustration for tech companies. Starting with some Scrabble, the standard camera mode did a decent job of capturing the vibrant colors of the board games without much in the way of low-light image noise.

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