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300 Click for offerMost notably, he said, Mr. Gilbert became obsessed with the idea that random objects, and even people around him, would contaminate him with unknown, toxic substances. As he grew older, his delusions led him to be aggressive toward his father, according to three psychiatrists and a psychologist summoned by the defense. Mr. Delaney left his role as a then senior editor at The Times in 1992 to become the first African-American chairman of the University of Alabama’s journalism department, which he said was an honor because, at the time he attended college, black students could not even attend the university. He was honored with a lifetime achievement award by the N.A.B.J. in 2010. He lives in Washington and has written on and off for various publications, including The Columbia Journalism Review, where his columns address the plateauing of diversity in media after years of progress.

Players will be limited to 15 minutes of full-contact practice each week under new rules that state officials called the toughest in the country. OPINION


TYPE ::MOUNTAIN BIKECon Edison inspectors found fault with a proposed meter location in the basement on the day of the explosion. •

BRAND ::SPORTS SCOTTY• What do you notice? Mediapart, an online, subscription-based publication, has garnered a reputation in France for hard-hitting investigations of politicians and other officials, with direct consequences, including the downfall of a budget minister and the opening of an investigation into possible Libyan financing of former President Nicolas Sarkozy’s campaign.

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WeWork, the business that transforms giant buildings into shared office and living spaces for freelancers and entrepreneurs (with slick décor and free beer on tap, naturally), is gearing up to go public. Its financial prospectus, which was filed with regulators on Wednesday, revealed huge growth — and disturbing losses. WeWork is backed by funding from Saudi Arabia, which may raise red flags for some investors. Others might take issue with the company’s lack of profits, despite its rapid expansion. Currently valued at nearly billion, it’s the second-largest “unicorn” — a privately held start-up valued at billion or more — to make an initial public offering this year. The biggest was Uber, whose I.P.O. didn’t go so well, as you may recall. “It’s really important to have continuity on the block,” said Hayes Slade, a partner at Slade Architecture and the president of the American Institute of Architects’ New York chapter, who is one of the jurors. A vacant lot in the middle of the block is “like missing teeth,” she said, and the competition aims to fill those gaps.

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How much of the issue with Huawei is about trade? I know you say there are national security risks, but is keeping Huawei out of the US market at least partly about the US' fears that China will overtake the US in terms of technology and economic power?Starks: This question gets into whether the administration's overall trade negotiations with China are involved in the ban. I am focused on, the national security aspect of this with regard to our telecommunications networks. The trade negotiations are in the president's lane; I'm really focused on the national security aspect. “My biggest concern is to have the severed head of the Crusader returned to us in any form,” Mr. Pierpoint said, “so we can let him rest in peace.”

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Hamilton won the championship last year with a stellar season, winning 11 grands prix and securing 11 pole positions. He achieved a level of excellence rarely seen in Formula One, making few errors on the track. Fights are common on the subway, but the video captured a rare instance of deadly violence.

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But Mr. Macdonald — a British director who has expertly interpreted the apocalyptic visions of Caryl Churchill (“Escaped Alone” and “A Number,” which happened to star Shepard) — is a master at building suspense from seemingly banal elements. And for the first half of his “True West,” he imbues the most prosaic details with mounting tension worthy of Hitchcock. Feb. 5 Takhar Province: two civilians killed

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