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The problem was the result of a bug and involves Apple’s FaceTime app for placing video and audio calls over an internet connection. The bug could also give a caller access to a live feed of the recipient’s camera. Thus far, many clinical studies on probiotics have been small, poorly designed or difficult to interpret. Many have focused on short-term outcomes, rather than looking at long-term effects (in part because long-term trials are so expensive).

A consistent delight, though, has been Calvin Royal III, who is suddenly the most elegant male dancer in the company. Twyla Tharp’s “Deuce Coupe” shows off his jazzy daring, and he made a remarkable debut in the daunting title role of Balanchine’s “Apollo.” The Police Department in Union City, which has a population of about 75,000 and lies 20 miles southeast of Oakland, said there were numerous unanswered questions: any description of a suspect, whether there was more than one, and a motive. Investigators collected shell casings but would not provide a description of the gun or guns, the caliber or the number of weapons used. A police spokesman could not be reached on Monday.

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But growth comes at a price, Mr. Knoop said. The city argued in court that a stop that did not result in a summons, arrest or weapons seizure still prevented crime by discouraging people from carrying guns.

Oh. “That sucked, because it was never a compliment,” McEnany said. “It was aggressive. It was bigotry.” Even in the bathroom of a lesbian bar, McEnany said another woman confronted her and said, “Ugh, who are you? Pat?”

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Log InWithout a plan, a purpose, or any possibilities remaining, Mrs. May’s premiership had lost its point. Only her fiercely loyal husband still believed that the problem lay solely with the conniving and sniping of other politicians, not his wife. Putnam’s, founded in New York in 1838, had a storied history; its authors included William Cullen Bryant, Thomas Carlyle, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, James Fenimore Cooper, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Washington Irving, James Russell Lowell and Edgar Allan Poe. George Palmer Putnam, the founder’s grandson, published Charles Lindbergh’s 1927 autobiography, “We,” and later married the aviator Amelia Earhart.