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300 Click for offerIt’s also true that states with strong teachers’ unions, like Pennsylvania and Vermont, have far better student outcomes than states with feeble unions, like South Carolina and Mississippi. Teachers’ unions have also been heroic advocates for early childhood education, and Red for Ed strikers forced states like West Virginia, Oklahoma and Arizona to improve their school systems. If you sprinkle in other forms of training -- specifically, biking and swimming -- you should check out the Garmin HRM-Tri, which captures all the data that triathletes need to know and reports it all back to any compatible devices you sync it to. 

The two black head coaches still in the N.F.L. are Anthony Lynn of the Los Angeles Chargers (12-4), who are headed to a wild-card playoff game Sunday against the Baltimore Ravens, and Mike Tomlin of the Pittsburgh Steelers (9-6-1). Originally published Nov. 6. 


TYPE ::MOUNTAIN BIKEWe love it. Pros: The LED is available as both an A-shaped bulb and a BR30 floodlight at no extra cost, and each one comes with a remote that can control the volume or dim the light up and down -- a very nice addition. You can also sync up to 10 bulbs together for multipoint, surround sound audio, then control them all with a single remote. And while the sound quality won't match our top standalone Bluetooth speaker picks, it's still surprisingly sufficient, and better than you'd probably expect from, you know, a light bulb.

BRAND ::SPORTS SCOTTYTo contact the newsroom regarding correction requests, complaints or other comments about our coverage, please email nytnews@nytimes.com or call 1-844-NYT-NEWS (1-844-698-6397). We absolutely loved the premium, boutique winery offerings of Pour This from renowned sommelier Ashley Ragovin, but her subscription service has been terminated. We looked into SommSelect as an alternative, but its selections more closely aligned with those of The Panel than the rare finds Ragovin could produce.

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“It’s for the community,” said Tonton Kaba, a retired chauffeur, who has a Legrand Diop collage on his house. Facebook's Portal displays put an emphasis on video chats as the primary use case, and that's Facebook flexing its muscle. According to Statista, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are the two most popular messaging apps in the world, and Portal displays include full support for both of them. Meanwhile, Amazon and Google each have a commanding lead when it comes to their respective assistants. Both Alexa and Google Assistant offer well-refined conversational intelligence and wide support from third-party products and services. 

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Ms. Salke, 55, did not inherit a cinematic gold mine when she replaced Roy Price, who was ousted after an allegation of sexual harassment. Before she stepped in, the film division had been on a losing streak, with box-office flops from A-list directors like Richard Linklater and Todd Haynes. The added expense may be worth the money; the additional information includes genetic health risk information, wellness reports, trait reports, and carrier status reports, which indicate whether a particular DNA profile may be a genetic carrier of a disease or disability.

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The San Franciscodesign studio Mike & Maaike has made a pod chair called Windowseat that frames the user in a sound- and sight-blocking rectangle. The piece is offered in two Kvadrat fabrics, in 75 colors and four trims; all are mounted on a steel frame with a swivel base and come with an optional ottoman. From ,900, with canopy; haworth.com That's good news, because flower prices are only going to increase between now and Valentine's Day. A bouquet of roses that cost in early January will quickly jump to -50 -- perhaps higher, depending on where you buy.

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If nothing else, Professor Franke said, the cases will explore divisive and difficult issues. “Sex,” she said, “is a confounding term in our culture, in our language and certainly in the law.” With that in mind, here's a look at the major ecosystems out there today. These are the top three Wi-Fi systems:

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