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The march was promoted on social networks thanks to an expansion of the internet in Cuba in recent years that has more broadly resulted in increasing numbers of Cubans mobilizing online over certain issues, sometimes apparently managing to influence policy.


TYPE ::MOUNTAIN BIKE• Many hospitals charge private insurance companies two to three times what the federal Medicare program would pay for the same care. (NYT)

BRAND ::SPORTS SCOTTYWhen the filmmakers Joe Carnahan and his best friend, Ben Hernandez Bray, began showing around their script for a new superhero movie in early 2017, they said, studio honchos and moneymen lavished it with praise. The movie, “El Chicano,” offered an origin story with a fresh take: a Mexican-American cop who lost a brother to gang violence adopts the mantle of a masked avenger to take on a cartel.

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The business was founded in 2012 by Maggie Le Beau, a former marketing executive who saw promise in Nepal’s tea industry and wanted to give independent producers direct access to the lucrative American market. Mr. Joshi and his wife, Sunita Karmacharya Joshi, both Nepali immigrants, became involved with the company after the country’s devastating 2015 earthquake.

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Early images from social media showed rescue teams scurrying over the plane. “While they work please pray,” Mayor Lenny Curry of Jacksonville said in a Twitter message posted at 10:30 p.m.

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Despite the city’s debts and the current economic downturn in Turkey, Mr. Imamoglu said Istanbul could not only reverse its position but also contribute to lifting the national economy.

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