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300 Click for offerAnalyst firm IHS Markit forecasts 802.11ax-enabled device shipments will increase from a relative trickle of 116,000 units in 2019 to a flood of 58 million in 2021. "As a greater number of Wi-Fi-enabled devices are added into homes and enterprises, the 802.11ax standard will gain more prominence in the marketplace," analyst Christian Kim said. Now more than a decade later, Motorola, which invented the cellphone but now toils in mobile obscurity, is staging a comeback with a reimagined Razr. It combines the retro clamshell design with Google's Android software and an innovative foldable touchscreen display that puts a new twist on the classic flip phone. CNET reviewer Jessica Dolcourt, after an early and extended look at the Razr, describes it as "Streamlined. Utterly pocketable. Nostalgic, with a sharp futuristic edge."

Whether Mr. Barrack will become more involved in the campaign, either by advising the president or fund-raising for him, as he did in 2016, remains to be seen. Wannabe prime-number hunters can join the hunt by downloading free software available from the group.


TYPE ::MOUNTAIN BIKEBut while those two leaders said they saw a “pathway to a deal,” diplomats remain cautious about the prospects, and time is short before a critical summit of European Union leaders over the next week. Just when you thought that we'd hit peak McQueen, Ford plans to pour gasoline on the flames of our obsession with the release of a new Mustang Bullitt at the Detroit Auto Show, according to Automotive News.

BRAND ::SPORTS SCOTTYIn the study, published in Health Affairs, he and his colleagues point out that Medicare had just changed the electronic form used for billing. Instead of allowing hospitals to enter up to nine diagnoses for each patient, the new form permitted as many as 25. But even as once-happy owners replaced their Razrs with smartphones, the Razr left an enduring legacy. It wasn't just that Moto applied the Razr name to a series of Android phones including the Droid Razr and Droid Razr Maxx. More subtly, thin designs continued, even as phones grew larger. Consider that 2007's iPhone was a hair's breadth thinner than the Razr. But that spec was more of a footnote than a highlighted feature (the massive Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is even slimmer). 

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Researchers prospectively followed 43,722 generally healthy women, average age 55, for an average of six years. At enrollment in the study, the women reported whether they slept with lights or a television on in the room. Those who slept with artificial light had higher body mass index and larger waist circumference than those who slept with no light. But VR has the potential to make you react in new and different ways, even at this early, clunky stage of the technology.

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“It’s down to clever design and layout that we have produced such a high percentage in a way that visually looks great,” Ms. Chard-Cooper said. A newly discovered exploit in most modern processors could make your computer or phone vulnerable to attacks. But chipmakers say they've got fixes ready to go. 

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The escalation thrust the world’s two largest economies back into confrontation. While President Trump said on Monday that he would meet with China’s president, Xi Jinping, next month in Japan, the stakes are only increasing as the president continues to taunt and threaten China, causing it to retaliate on American businesses. And what an answer they concocted.

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The speech was designed for maximum news media exposure. About one-third of the audience were journalists, at a venue within walking distance of the Washington bureaus of several national news organizations. Mr. Sanders read from a teleprompter — a rarity for him — and stood before a line of a dozen American flags. The mirror, which will be on display this week at the CES tech show here in Las Vegas, also uses its built-in camera to analyze your skin, track any skincare goals you have, and record the results of the products you use. The HiMirror will be available in early summer 2018, its maker said.

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